Offshore Support Enterprise IT Infrastructure

We understand.  We know business continuity is on top of every enterprise’s list of concerns.  These are difficult times in managing IT infrastructure and making the decisions necessary for the hardware, software, and operational support required to provide application hosting, network, and end-user services.  Highly uncertain business conditions have resulted in tighter budgets, which in return, result in infrastructure managers rushing to put tactical cost reductions in place.  This can mean canceling projects, rationalizing contractors, extracting vendor concessions, and deferring investments to upgrade hardware and software.

With our remote, offshore services you can achieve bottom line, cost savings and still receive the expertise and experience for top line IT consulting, training and enterprise IT solutions.  Imagine, in this world of business complexity, being able to rapidly execute the changes necessary for your enterprise platform to meet your challenging business demands.  As data is proliferating and warehoused data often needing to be redirected, proper product lifecycle management of your applications and data are essential.  Architecture Support Management Consulting

Bottom Line Concerns

Now more than ever, you need to receive bottom line results from any remote IT services provided.  We know your IT staff must deal with a multitude of IT infrastructure tasks, such as:

  • Administering multiple technologies
  • Keeping applications up to date and available
  • Managing crises when service interruptions occur
  • Managing hardware systems and software components.

In addition, your staff is responsible for designing and initiating key IT initiatives to move the company forward and respond to strategic initiatives set forth by corporate managers and CEOs.  This is why you need world-class outsourcing of all day-to-day IT infrastructure administrative and support functions, so you and your IT staff can focus on the strategic side of the IT functions with confidence in receiving the bottom line results necessary for continued growth.

Top Line Solutions

At Kal Informatics, we understand and embrace the complexities and challenges of outsourcing or transferring all day-to-day IT infrastructure administrative and support functions to an IT infrastructure support company.  This allows your IT staff to focus on the strategic side of the IT function.  We know this is important to our clients to have the capability for continuous innovation necessary to create new products and services to compete in the arena of world commerce.  Consequently, the strategic function has more value to the bottom line by offering:

  • Enhanced Efficiency, Optimization, and Availability
  • Reduced Costs
  • Increased Safety With Proactive Event Detection
  • Increased Dependability With Advanced Event Co-Relation
  • Increased Employee Productivity

Global Remote Services

As a remote IT service provider, Kal Informatics develops cost-effective solutions for our corporate clients.  We understand the critical nature of remote enterprise solutions and why high-level IT competency is vital to your operational success.  Our mission is to provide world-class outsourced, IT operations management to support your organization’s ability to carry out its core business function, with services of:

  • IT Infrastructure Services
  • Application Delivery
  • Architecture Support and Management Consulting
  • IT Management
  • Software Development